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Meniere’s Australia is participating again in the ASX Thomson Reuters Charity Foundation fundraising initiative.

We invite you all to participate in this exciting initiative and to help MA maximise its proportion of the funds raised from the overall program.

The Art Union offers absolutely fantastic prizes including:

1st Prize - Lexus CT200h Luxury - The world's first luxury hybrid hatch, valued at $45,839.

2nd Prize - Autore South Sea Pearl, Diamond and White Gold Pendant, valued at $13,500.

3rd Prize - Captain Cook Murray River 3 night cruise for 2, valued at $3080.

Click here to purchase your tickets today.

Balance Awareness Week September 15th - 21st

Meniere’s Australia invites you to join us to defeat dizziness during Balance Awareness Week!

Once again Meniere’s Australia is partnering with Meniere’s Society UK and VEDA in the USA to raise awareness of vestibular disorders world wide. As well as raising awareness, the goal of Balance Awareness Week is to reduce the time it takes to diagnose a vestibular disorder.

Click here to download your Balance Awareness Week poster to hang at your place of work, in your doctor's office, local community centre, library or local business.

Meniere's Australia Christmas Card Fundraiser

Christmas always tends to sneak up on us. So why not get a head start this year by purchasing your Charity Christmas Cards today!

You get a pack of 10 quality Christmas cards including two stylish designs. The verse inside the cards reads:

May the peace and goodwill of Christmas be with you throughout the coming year

Packs are $16.99 each (includes envelopes and Postage and Handling within Australia).

The sale of the cards will help fund the operation of Meniere’s Australia so that we can continue to provide support to people living with Meniere’s and other balance disorders.

Click Here to order your Christmas Cards today.

Special Officer - Trial Subscription to Equilibrium June 2014

Equilibrium is Meniere's Australia's quarterly Magazine. Each edition comes jam packed with lots of articles covering a range of topics on vestibular disorders including diagnosis, vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus, medication, surgery, diet, management, travelling with a vestibular disorder and much more.

Our June edition looks at Vestibular Disorders other than Meniere’s disease.

  • Other vestibular disorders
  • My Journey with Vestibular Migraine – Personal Story
  • Famous Dizzy People – The Story of Charles Darwin
  • Mal de Debarquement
  • A-Z of Meniere’s Disease - The letters V - Z
  • My Journey with Ototoxicity – Personal Story
  • Positional Dizziness: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
  • Vestibular Migraine
  • Drop Attacks & Upheavals

Only $5.00 for your electronic copy.

Click here to order your copy now.

Meniere's Australia members receive a subscription to Equilibrium upon joining. To become a member and receive 4 editions of Equilibrium annually click here.

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About Meniere's Disease
Meniere’s disease is a condition in which there is an excess of fluid in the inner ear. The excess fluid disturbs the ear’s balance and hearing mechanisms and produces a range of symptoms.
About MA Support Services
People with Meniere's may find that the symptoms they experience create problems for them in their work, family and social lives resulting in a loss of confidence and independence. Many experience feelings of anger, frustration, depression and isolation.
About MA
The Vision of Meniere’s Australia is that all Australians with Meniere’s disease and other vestibular conditions will receive and have equal access to support services, information and personal support irrespective of geographical location.
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Meniere's State Contacts
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Upcoming Events
Peer Support Meeting: Canberra
Date: Friday 26th September 2014
Time: 6.00pm
Venue: SHOUT venue, Building 1 - Pearce Community Centre, Collett Place, Pearce, ACT 2607
RSVP: Email Jenna

Peer Support Meeting: Melbourne Eastern Suburbs
Date: Thursday 9th October 2014
Time: 10.00am
Venue: Maitland Room, Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre, 157 Union Road, Surrey Hills.
Cost: $5.00 includes morning tea.


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