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Meniere's Australia Disclaimer

The Meniere's Information and Resource Centre Web site aims to provide general and educational information about:

  • Meniere's disease, its symptoms, treatment and management options

  • Information resources available on Meniere's disease and related topics

  • Meniere's Australia (MA) and other support options

None of the information on this site can substitute for advice, examination, diagnosis, and medical care by a licensed and qualified health professional. Always consult a licensed and qualified medical professional for medical advice.

Your use of this web site is at your risk. While all care has been taken in the preparation of material contained on this site MA specifically disclaims any and all liability resulting from the use of this web site. Neither this site nor any of the information contained in it is warranted for accuracy, reliability, currency, completeness or anything else.

MA has no control over the content of external sites to which this site links and does not endorse them for accuracy, currency or anything else.

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Last Updated March 2014