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Meniere's Australia Editorial Policy

While Meniere's Australia (MA) aims to provide current and accurate information on this site, this information does not constitute medical advice. We recommend that you consult with a licensed and qualified medical professional in order to obtain advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should seek medical advice before beginning any course of treatment suggested by this site. See also our disclaimer.

Much of the Health information on this site is sourced from the book Understanding Meniere's Disease ~ Updated edited by Lynn Polson which was last updated in 2009. Lynn has Meniere's Disease herself and has more than twenty years of extensive experience informing, assisting and counselling others with the disease. The information contained in her book is based on both her own experience and extensive research into the medical literature on Meniere's Disease. The book has been endorsed by Professor W.P.R. Gibson AM M.D., F.R.A.C.S., F.R.C.S.

Other sources for information provided on the site are identified within the context of the information itself.

Health information provided on this site is reviewed for currency and accuracy by our Editorial Panel prior to posting on the site and at annual intervals thereafter. The Editorial Panel currently includes:

  • A qualified and experienced ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) medical specialist having no commercial or funding relationship with MA. Current member:Professor WPR Gibson AM MD FRACS FRCS, Professor of Otolaryngology.

  • A representative of MA who has demonstrated expertise* in the area of Meniere's disease. Current member: Lynn Polson OAM.

*Qualified medical expertise or expertise gained through personal experience of Meniere's disease or through working with persons having Meniere's disease..

The date of last review of information on our site is noted at the end of the information item.

Any advice, opinions or information provided by the 'Personal Stories' included in our site remain those of the stories' authors and are not in any way endorsed by MA or its Editorial Panel.

Information resources listed in our catalogue are reviewed by our Editorial Panel at regular intervals for currency and accuracy and are included on our site as a service to visitors seeking additional information on Meniere's disease and related topics. Funds received by MA from the sale of these resources are used to sustain and develop the services offered by MA to its members and the broader community.

Where other commercial products or services constitute a key topic of an MA event or information resource that is promoted within the site, please note that MA's intention is to inform visitors about the products or services but not to endorse them.

While the MA Editorial Panel recommends linked sites as potentially useful sources of information for our site visitors, it has no control over the content of external sites and cannot endorse them for accuracy or currency or anything else.

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Last Updated March 2014