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Welcome to Meniere's in WA

Meniere's proudly supported by Lotterywest In October 2011 Meniere’s Australia, with support from Lotterywest, appointed a Western Australian Project Officer to work with the national body and Western Australian volunteers to project manage the development of a WA Network, raising community awareness and putting in place support services for Western Australians suffering from Meniere’s Disease and other vestibular disorders. Welcome cont ...

Have A Go Day and Menieres!

Have A Go Day was enormous again this year with over 15,000 people descending on Burswood Park for thisfabulous annual event. There were over 150 organisations represented, including Meniere's Australia.

The tentful of our information was depleted at the end of the day with over 60 kits and hundreds of pamphlets being handed out.

There was great interest from the public in addition to many leaders of other organisations collecting information to provide to their members. Great opportunity for us!!

Project Officer, Jacquie Berkhout spent some considerable quality time with newly diagnosed and those who wanted more information about their own symptoms.

Many thanks must go to the Seniors Recreation Council and Dawn Yates and the many volunteers for their help on the day! This event gave us great promotional opportunities and more ideas for next year!

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About Meniere's Disease
Meniere’s disease is a condition in which there is an excess of fluid in the inner ear. The excess fluid disturbs the ear’s balance and hearing mechanisms and produces a range of symptoms.
About MA Support Services
People with Meniere's may find that the symptoms they experience create problems for them in their work, family and social lives resulting in a loss of confidence and independence. Many experience feelings of anger, frustration, depression and isolation.
About MA
The Vision of Meniere’s Australia is that all Australians with Meniere’s disease and other vestibular conditions will receive and have equal access to support services, information and personal support irrespective of geographical location.
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Thank you to Lotterywest and our Valued Supporters
Meniere's Australia and its Western Australian Office, Staff and Volunteers are proud to be in partnership with Lotterywest to enhance the support to sufferers and families of those with Meniere's disease and other vestibular disorders in Western Australia.

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